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Online Skills Testing and Training

Since 1991, we have been providing powerful performance-based Skills Testing solutions to the Staffing lndustry, Corporate Human Resource Departments, Government, Training Services, Educational lnstitutions, Healthcare, and many other businesses large and small.

Online Skills Testing


We offer highly interactive Online Skills Testing.

Thousands of HR departments and Staffing Services use these fully validated online skills tests for MS Office, Industrial, and Professional skills testing. Now the same kind of high-quality tests can be used by small, medium or large organizations to help fill internal positions and avoid costly hiring mistakes that waste time, money and effort, in their own organizations.

Use our Online Skills Testing for screening new hires, position placement, performance reviews, and pre and post training evaluation.


Training can be delivered in different formats.

The world’s most successful corporations have learned that better-informed employees with up-to-date skills are more productive – and less expensive – than consultants and new hires.

Training, re-training and corporate learning programs make these companies faster in the market, more efficient in their operations and more competitive day-by-day.

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Some of the Software Assessments Available

Microsoft Office

Separate tests are available for different releases of software products Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Adobe Photoshop

A broad general test with four types of material covered: Tools, Transformations, Adjustments, and Color.


Questions covering beginner tasks using the programming language C++ using a simulated programming environment.


Questions covering beginner tasks using the Java programming language using a simulated programming environment.

Online Microsoft Office Testing